Headquartered in China, but offers global coverage with 27 offices regionally (Moscow, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Seoul, Bangkok, Madrid, Singapore, London, Paris, Tokyo, San Paulo, etc.).  This internet technology enterprise leverages machine learning AI to power recommendation engines on numerous owned content, news and entertainment platforms. 

At heart, the company’s core product is Toutiao which combines machine learning, computer vision technology (object recognition) and an artificial intelligence bot called Xiaomingbot, that authors news articles. 

Company Type: Enterprise

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Entertainment News & Media

Product: Toutiao ByteDance AI Lab



  • Does ByteDance own the popular video app, TikTok?

    Yes, TikTok is among ByteDance’s business portfolio of content rich enterprises. Otherwise known as Douyin in China but TikTok to the rest of the world, as of July 2019 the app had a combined 500 million monthly active users.

  • Is TikTok safe for kids?

    The lip syncing, social networking app where users can share music videos is rated for pre-tweens, age 13 and older.