Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset

The Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset, an accurate dataset for vision-based traffic light detection. Vision-only based traffic light detection and tracking is a vital step on the way to fully automated driving in urban environments. We hope that this dataset allows for easy testing of objection detection approaches, especially for small objects in larger images.

The scenes cover a decent variety of road scenes and typical difficulties:

  • Busy street scenes inner-city
  • Suburban multilane roads with varying traffic density
  • Dense stop-and-go traffic
  • Road-works
  • Strong changes in illumination/exposure
  • Overcast sky with light rain
  • Flickering/Fluctuating traffic lights
  • Multiple visible traffic lights
  • Image parts that can be confused with traffic lights (e.g. large round tail lights)

This dataset contains 13427 camera images at a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and contains about 24000 annotated traffic lights. The annotations include bounding boxes of traffic lights as well as the current state (active light) of each traffic light.


Company Type: Enterprise

Region: Europe

Industry Category: Autonomous Vehicles Automotive

Toolkit: Sample scripts for the Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset

Data set: Bosch Small Traffic Lights Dataset