DataRobot is the leader in enterprise AI, delivering trusted AI technology and enablement services to global enterprises competing in today’s Intelligence Revolution. DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform democratizes data science with end-to-end automation for building, deploying, and managing machine learning models. This platform maximizes business value by delivering AI at scale and continuously optimizing performance over time. The company’s proven combination of cutting-edge software and world-class AI implementation, training, and support services, empowers any organization – regardless of size, industry, or resources – to drive better business outcomes with AI.

The Bias & Fairness Testing feature, automatically identifies model bias and determine its source. With Bias & Fairness Testing, users can define protected dataset features, and through a guided workflow, choose the most appropriate fairness metric to fit their specific use case. Once models are built, DataRobot surfaces visual insights to illustrate the results. If bias is identified, the Cross-Class Data Disparity tool surfaces the root cause and identifies mitigation steps for future models.

DataRobot has made an industry-leading commitment to ethical, fair, and explainable AI solutions—building out an AI trust team and providing robust capabilities to help customers ensure models deployed on the DataRobot platform do not exhibit bias.


Company Type: Enterprise

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Data Science Banking Fintech Manufacturing Insurance Sports Utilities Healthcare Retail Telecom

Fighting Type of Bias: Gender bias Racial bias Algorithmic bias

Product: Enterprise AI Platform

Research: Resource Library