ForHumanity is driving global thought leadership and repeatable frameworks to conduct detailed, independent, transparent and iterative audits on all developers of AI.

ForHumanity endeavors to be a beacon, examining the impact of AI & Automation on jobs, society, our rights, and our freedoms. We focus on mitigating risk in the areas of Ethics, bias, privacy, trust, and cybersecurity (EBPTC) at the corporate and public policy levels. Always on behalf of humanity.

As a part of our mission and in response to the overwhelming need for trust enhancements to Covid-19 Contact Tracing solutions worldwide, ForHumanity offers Independent Audit and Governance of Contact Tracing.  Independent Audit and Governance of Contact Tracing is a crucial use case of the value of oversight designed to mitigate the risks of these systems for the people being traced. The first comprehensive audit for contact tracing was released on June 5th, 2020.

We offer to provide each contact tracing authority with a dedicated independent board of governance.  The board exists to provide independent oversight on the contact tracing authority’s program for the duration of its operation. The boards will be populated with un-conflicted experts who are steeped in the audit and tracking best practices around the world. They exist to execute the mantra “trust but verify”.  During the lifespan of the contact tracing program, the board will ensure that the contact tracing authority’s own rules are followed and will bring global awareness of best practices for the consideration of the contact tracing authority.

ForHumanity’s Fellows are currently working very closely with MIT on its launch of Contact Tracing Privacy Principles.


Company Type: Nonprofit

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Covid 19 Technology

Product: AI Contact Tracing Governance