H2O.ai is a visionary Silicon Valley open source software company that created and reimagined what is possible. We are a company of makers that brought to market new platforms and technologies to drive the AI movement. We are the makers of, H2O, the leading open source data science and machine learning platform used by nearly half of the Fortune 500 and trusted by over 18,000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of data scientists around the world.

Our vision is to democratize AI for everyone. Not just a select few. We enable this with our award winning, H2O Driverless AI, the platform that uses AI to do AI to make it easier, faster and cheaper to deliver expert data science as a force multiplier for every enterprise. We want everyone to explore, learn, dream and imagine a new future.

H2O Driverless AI does explainable AI today with its machine learning interpretability (MLI) module. This capability in H2O Driverless AI employs a unique combination of techniques and methodologies, such as LIME, Shapley, surrogate decision trees, partial dependence and more, in an interactive dashboard to explain the results of both Driverless AI models and external models.

In addition, the auto documentation (AutoDoc) capability of Driverless AI provides transparency and an audit trail for Driverless AI models by generating a single document with all relevant data analysis, modeling, and explanatory results. This document helps data scientists save time in documenting the model, and can be given to a business person or even model validators to increase understanding and trust in Driverless AI models.


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