Hive is the industry’s ​first full-stack AI platform, offering solutions ranging from data labeling to model development to application development. We have developed advanced capabilities in object detection, facial recognition, transcription, and many other areas.

Our Hive Data platform is the world’s largest distributed labor platform with over 1 million contributors from 150 different countries. We’ve worked with over 100 different companies automating media, retail, security, and autonomous driving applications. Our platform solves critical problems facing businesses and industries that were previously intractable either due to high cost or insufficient technical capability. Our flagship platform in media, Mensio, combines the power of the most advanced computer vision technology in the world with unique datasets that will change the way content is developed and sold.


Company Type: Startup

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Facial Recognition Visual Imaging

Product: Data labeling, AI Models of Service, Applications