Humans in the Loop

Humans in the Loop is a social enterprise which provides human workforce and manual input for dataset collection and annotation, as well as model validation.

We provide fully annotated datasets and managed annotation teams to computer vision teams in the retail, automotive, health, satellite, manufacturing, and other industries.

The datasets that we supply are curated in order to be free from gender, cultural, and geographical biases and our annotators are trained in order to recognize and report issues with data diversity or representation.

We set up human-in-the-loop pipelines in which our workers are able to monitor edge cases where model certainty is low as well as to detect cases where the model performs with inaccuracies. We are also able to conduct dataset audits and collect and annotate additional data so as to mitigate existing biases.

Company Type: Startup

Region: Europe

Industry Category: Remote workforce Data Science Autonomous Vehicles Retail Healthcare Manufacturing Aerospace

Fighting Type of Bias: Cultural bias Racial bias

Product: Dataset collection, annotation & model validation

Data set: Free to download & use datasets prepared by humans in the loop

Research: Tools & News