iFLYTEK’s intelligent speech and artificial intelligence technologies such as speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech evaluation, and natural language processing, represents the top level in the world.

iFLYTEK has occupied more than 70% of Chinese speech industry market share. It provides speech solution for more than 2,000 companies in the whole industry and has launched the world’s first iFLYTEK Open Platform, which provides intelligent speech interaction capability for mobile Internet industry (currently there are more than 80,000 project partners and more than 700 million end-users, promoting the application of intelligent speech and artificial intelligence technology into education, mobile phones, automotive, appliance and other industries, serving millions of households.

iFlytek is also applying intelligent voice and AI technology to different sectors, including the judiciary and education.

In the justice system, iFlytek is working with China’s Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate (public prosecutors). In education, AI has outperformed expectations in scoring test papers.

iFlytek is currently working with China’s National Education Examinations Authority to build an AI lab to jointly develop more advanced technologies for education.

Company Type: Enterprise

Region: Asia

Industry Category: Natural Language Processing Law Enforcement Education

Toolkit: iFlytek Open Platform for Developers