MeVitae offers fairer hiring solutions to build the workforces of the future.

Blind Recruiting

The world’s first anonymisation API that removes bias from CVs and cover letters.

Automatically removes over 15 key personal identifiers (such as gender, age, social economic background) directly from applicant resumes, CVs and/or cover letters , without affecting CV layout. This enables you to focus on what’s important when reviewing candidate profiles directly within your ATS for bias free and fairer hiring.

Workplace Intelligence

We analyse your internal workforce against thousands of parameters to give you a clearer, deeper understanding of what productivity looks like in your organisation, hidden behind mountainous data. Leverage your internal workforce, strategise next steps and shape your optimal future of work.

Global Sourcing Engine

Pioneering the talent discovery era by equipping you with your own personalised and global passive talent pool. Without requiring human intervention, our engine goes beyond social media platforms to new channels and communities, and identify diverse talent that fits within your company culture.

Company Type: Startup

Region: Europe

Industry Category: Human Resources

Fighting Type of Bias: Algorithmic bias Gender bias Cultural bias

Product: MeVitae Solutions

Research: Vitae Labs