MIMIC Clinical Dataset

Openly available dataset developed by the MIT Lab for Computational Physiology, comprising de-identified health data associated with ~40,000 critical care patients. It includes demographics, vital signs, laboratory tests, medications, and more.

The latest version of MIMIC is MIMIC-III v1.4, which comprises 61,532 intensive care unit stays: 53,432 stays for adult patients and 8,100 for neonatal patients. The data spans June 2001 – October 2012. The database, although de-identified, still contains detailed information regarding the clinical care of patients, so must be treated with appropriate care and respect.

Company Type: Academia

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Healthcare

Data set: MIMIC-III

Research: MIMIC-III, a freely accessible critical care database

Toolkit: MIMIC Code Repository: Code shared by the research community for the MIMIC-III database