PredPol, the market leader in predictive policing has a precise definition of predictive policing. For us and our customers, it is the practice of identifying the times and locations where specific crimes are most likely to occur, then patrolling those areas to prevent those crimes from occurring. Put simply, our mission is to help law enforcement keep communities safer by reducing victimization.

Our day-to-day operations tool identifies where and when crime is most likely to occur, enabling you to effectively allocate your resources and prevent crime.

The data we use for our predictions is very important. We make our predictions based only on victimization information, i.e. crimes that have been reported to police. This information is anonymized; no personally identifiable information is ever collected or used. We believe that protecting the privacy and civil rights of the residents of our communities is as important as protecting them from crime.

PredPol is currently being used to help protect one out of every 33 people in the United States.

Company Type: Enterprise

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Law Enforcement

Product: Law Enforcement for Predictive Policing, Patrol Operations and Analytics

Toolkit: Developer API