Robbie AI measures and understands emotions, combining neuroscience, cognitive technology, and machine learning, all in real-time. As a deep learning company, Robbie is able to assess and predict human emotions and behavior with computer vision, tracking facial expressions through cameras in devices, and wearable technology, sensing activation of the autonomic nervous system, for more positive mental health and general wellbeing outcomes. Robbie can also be used in artificial tutor applications, to anticipate the needs of a student based on facial emotion detection.

Robbie.AI’s technology is based on bone structure geometry, its facial recognition solution is harder to hack and recognizes faces much easier. Even weight gain or loss, glasses, and darker rooms do not impact Robbie.AI’s results.

“It is crucial that facial recognition technology be trained in the ‘wild’ or public domain so that the algorithms are exposed to a variety of situations that are unpredictable – this is what increases the level of accuracy,” says Karen Marquez, CEO of Robbie.AI.

Company Type: Startup

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Emotion Recognition Facial Recognition

Product: Robbie Monitor

Toolkit: Robbie APIs