Simprints is a non-profit tech company that seeks to break the identification bottleneck. We have built mobile biometric hardware and open-source software to empower the mobile platforms used by NGOs, businesses, and governments around the world.

Simprints builds cutting-edge technology for some of the poorest individuals in the world, and in the most challenging environments on earth. We build technology to radically increase transparency and effectiveness in global development, making sure that every vaccine, every dollar, every public good reaches the people who need them most. Working with mentors from top companies like Google, Microsoft, and ARM, we design and develop both hardware and software by applying modern tools in distinctly un-modern environments with little to no internet connectivity. Simprints is currently on track to support over 4 million people by 2021.

Company Type: Nonprofit

Region: Europe

Industry Category: Identity Management

Fighting Type of Bias: Cultural bias

Product: Simprint Solutions for Projects, Biometrics Identification & Analytics

Research: Journal publications, reports and white papers

Toolkit: Non-Profit Biometrics for the Developing World