Synthesized’s new Community Edition Bias Mitigation tool is designed to understand a wide range of legal and regulatory definitions regarding contextual bias that might lead to inaccuracies within data, across attributes such as gender, age, race, religion, sexual orientation and more. Synthesized’s platform relies on a proprietary algorithm that can find and remove biases from data. Once the biased data has been identified, it then makes randomized changes to the original, biased dataset to create an entirely synthesized yet unbiased dataset that can be used to train AI models more accurately.

To use Synthesized’s tool, all users have to do is sign up at its website and upload a structured data file such as an Excel spreadsheet to start the analysis process. Developers can upload up to three datasets for free. It’s also possible to connect Synthesized’s tool to a relational database service hosted on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle or Google Cloud Platform, and build custom datasets for analysis. Once the analysis is done, Synthesized then provides a Synthesized Total Fairness Score that shows what percentage of the dataset contains biased data, and highlights areas of the data where bias was detected.

Synthesized said its tool is able to analyze any just about kind of dataset, including financial data that’s used to create credit ratings, insurance data that’s used to assess claims, and human resource data in order to identify bias during the hiring process.

The free Bias Mitigation tool is part of Synthesized’s wider data preparation platform. The company offers a complete set of AI-based tools that automate data provisioning and data preparation while also ensuring compliance with regulations.

Company Type: Startup

Region: Europe

Industry Category: Data Science Financial Services Insurance Human Resources

Fighting Type of Bias: Data-driven bias Algorithmic bias Racial bias Gender bias Cultural bias

Product: Synthesized Data Platform

Research: Company Research

Data set: Bias Identification Remediation Tool (upload up to 3 datasets for free)