TieSet is developing a paradigm-shifting AI platform that achieves privacy preserving, only intelligence sharing frameworks which also solve the fundamental problems of high latency and utilizing huge data centers and computation resources.

Using the intelligent sharing framework known as STADLE, TieSet’s solution offers Machine Learning (ML) and decentralized system capability to provide scalable, versatile, and secure AI services.

STADLE stands for Scalable, Traceable, Asynchronous, Decentralized federated LEarning.

Federated Learning (FL) solves the problems of privacy and communication load, which commonly appear in ML systems. FL does not require users to upload raw data to cloud servers.

Privacy: FL improves the privacy-preserving aspect of AI systems by not collecting data in the cloud while producing collective intelligence based on uploaded user ML models.

Communication load: The amount of traffic generated by FL dramatically decreases from classical AI systems due to the difference in data type exchanged.Scalability: Decentralized FL servers in STADLE realise the load-balancing to accommodate more users.

5G-friendliness: The delay in communication to obtain collective intelligence can be dramatically reduced by employing decentralized FL servers located at edge servers.

Traceability: Our platform has the performance tracking capability that monitors and manages the transition of collective intelligence models in the decentralized system.

Company Type: Startup

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Healthcare Robotics Manufacturing Advertising Urban Development Natural Language Processing Technology

Product: TieSet Technology