Based on six years of research performed at Carnegie Mellon University, Truera’s AI.Q explainable AI enterprise technology¬†performs sophisticated sensitivity analysis that enables data scientists, business users, and risk and compliance teams to understand exactly why a model makes predictions.

AI.Q is model-agnostic: It works with all types of regression and classification models, including logistic regression, gradient boosted and other tree ensemble models, and deep neural networks.

AI.Q can answer a broad set of questions about causal drivers of model predictions for individuals as well as aggregate trends relevant to addressing unfair bias and instability.

AI.Q accurately explains machine learning models with confidence bounds and the performance enterprises require.


Company Type: Enterprise

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Data Science Banking Healthcare Government Pharmaceuticals Financial Services Insurance

Fighting Type of Bias: Algorithmic bias

Product: AI Explainability

Research: Resources Library