Vintra offers AI-powered video analytics solutions that transform video from any camera source into actionable, tailored and trusted intelligence, enabling our customers to build and maintain the safest and most productive organizations in the world.

Vintra “has built and curated [its] own data set, pulling from over 76 countries and tens of thousands of identities with dozens of reference images for each identity in order to better represent Caucasian, African, Asian, and Indian ethnicities. This work has resulted in a much fairer balance with each group representing roughly 25 percent of the total data population and giving AI-powered video analytics a truer picture of what our world really looks like.”

When testing their solution against industry leading datasets to ensure facial recognition results accuracy, the “team set out to reduce the bias gap,” which is described as “the percentage delta between correctly identifying white faces and all other non-white identities.”

Company Type: Enterprise

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Technology Facial Recognition Urban Development

Fighting Type of Bias: Racial bias Algorithmic bias

Product: Fulcrum AI Solutions

Research: White Papers