Visual Data Dataset

Visual Datasets is a search engine for computer vision datasets. Each dataset is either curated or submitted by the community, tagged with relevant topics for filtering and you can type keywords in the search bar which will be matched to the title and description of the dataset to easily find the best ones to use. They are sorted according to published date so the most recent addition gets surfaced. You can also sort by popularity to see what are the trending datasets based on the visit frequency. The detail view shows the full description of a dataset and links to open source code/models. Other useful information will be added incrementally in the future, e.g. articles/tutorials about the dataset, difficulty to work with etc.

As of June 2019 the VisualData website contains 295 labeled datasets, among them the YouTube-VOS Large-Scale Benchmark for Video Object Segmentation Dataset; Tencent ML-Images, an 18 million multi-label image dataset with 11,000 categories; and Flickr-Faces-HQ Flickr-Faces-HQ, a high-quality image dataset of human faces. There are also many highly specialized datasets. Image classes range from 3D reconstructions and faces to wild animals, robots, fashion and more.

Company Type: R&D

Region: US & Canada

Industry Category: Visual Imaging

Search engine: Visual Data Search Engine