Xsaras is a Data for AI company which meets data collection, cleansing and labeling needs for machine learning – LiDAR, image, video, text and speech.

AI systems are prevalent in a multitude of domains. It is expected that AI will solve some of the most pressing problems in domains like Agriculture, Science, Finance, Automotive among several others. But wide adoption will require that people trust these systems to produce unbiased results.

Xsaras partners with AI companies to prepare unbiased data for training and deploying their AI systems in record time. Xsaras makes sure that the AI works by meeting the need for fairness, scale, reliability, validity and speed in labelled data.

Label bias is one of the biggest problems facing AI today. If there are not enough diverse contributors to the data annotation, then there will be holes in the AI’s knowledge, and that is how bias creeps in. At Xsaras we consciously work to remove that bias.

  • Xsaras staff are trained to be aware of unconscious bias. We encourage team members to self-assess and question their own fairness. We also train them in how to identify and lessen bias
  • At Xsaras we involve human annotators from different backgrounds and training so that different points of view are captured
  • We encourage annotators to flag ambiguous cases. Then regular checkpoint discussions are held to handle these cases and reduce bias
  • We work with the AI modeling team to ensure that the annotator’s interpretations are representative of their beliefs
  • We work with the AI modeling team to identify data subspaces that may contain bias. We then work on strategies to neutralize, equalize and soften the bias both in the labelling and modelling steps

Company Type: Startup

Region: Asia

Industry Category: Data Science

Fighting Type of Bias: Cultural bias Racial bias Algorithmic bias Gender bias Educational bias

Product: Data collection, cleansing and annotation services